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     June 25th-28th, 2019

Youth Program  : Ages 7-12

Professional Residency Program: Ages 13 +


                      Professional Residency Program

ArtSea Dance will return this year with a four day residency program. Students will have the opportunity to engage in a professional choreographic experience with three highly celebrated choreographers and directors. The curriculum will model the real day to day experience of being in a professional company:

● Mock Audition for group placements

● Morning company class

● Intimate workshops with the choreographers


This year’s residency will be different from past years by providing a deep dive into the company experience. The program will also qualify as a resume building experience.


                                   Youth Program

Our youth program will model the same format as our professional residency but will cater to a younger audience and allow them a more personalized experience! The workshop will include:

● Morning Warm Ups

● Vision Board/Creative Crafts

● Intimate workshops with the choreographers


This year’s youth program will allow our younger students to work personally with a choreographer but will also allow them time to work together in fun games, crafts, and exercises!

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